Affordable Web Sites for Small Businesses, Communities and Clubs
Based in Dorset, UK
When looking for a plumber, builder, electrician, garage or school,
Most people look on the Internet before anywhere else,
Web sites aren't scary things, we do all the scary bits for you
We build your web site and get it in the search engines
We will set up an email service for you, either a dedicated email account
We can add a payment page to your web site so your customers
Look at your web site as a full colour page advert,
where is the first place you look?
are you there?
We register your Domain Name and renew it every year automatically....
We host the web site on our server and maintain your website....
or send emails directly to your personal account....
can pay directly to your PayPal account.
24 hours a day, 365 days a year to billions of people.
How much do we charge …
Every year, you must pay £60 for your Domain Name and Hosting (storage, if you like) for your web site.  There are no other yearly charges … no administration or hidden charges … ever.  No contract to sign.
That’s £5 a month for world wide advertising (24 hours a day, 365 days a year).

To create, build and set up a web site on our server, we charge:

Don't forget to add the Domain Name and Hosting charge of £60, which is payable when the web site is complete.  The build cost can be paid in full when the web site is complete or by 12 monthly payments by Direct Debit.

There are many added features that can be added to your web site:
Responsive - This is when the web site automatically reconfigures to the size of the device that the web site is being viewed on (mobile phone or tablet).
eCommerce - This allows customers to make a payment to your PayPal account.
Log In - This makes some of your pages private (eg Members Area), a User Name and Password must be entered to access these pages.

You can start off with a single page web site and add more pages over the years when your business
increases or when finances allow.

You get free unlimited email addresses with your web site (eg and/or email redirects to your personal email account.
Single Page Web Site Additional Pages
£240 (£20 per month) £30 per page (£2.50 per month)
Responsive eCommerce Log In
£30 per page (£2.50 per month) £60 (£5 per month) £60 (£5 per month)
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